'Hyperloop Hotel' Concept Includes Music City

Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 26, 2017

Nashville was one of several cities included in a concept that would allow people to travel to different cities across the country without stepping out of their hotel rooms.

Brandan Siebrecht, an architect student from Nevada, won the Radical Innovation Awards for his "Hyperloop Hotel" idea. 

The competition asked for ideas to change hospitality and the way people travel. 

The concept would use the existing Hyperloop system technology and allow rooms in 13 different hotels across the country to reach one another by traveling through a reduced-pressure tube in a matter of hours. 

"The room would be loaded into the transport pod, then the pod is inserted into the Hyperloop and shot across the US to your hotel," Siebrecht explained. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first introduced the Hyperloop idea several years ago to help with high-speed travel.

A test track is currently being built in Nevada.

Siebrecht told NewsChannel 5 that the concept is aimed at elite travelers and would save the hassle of purchasing a plane or train ticket. 

The 13 cities he listed are New York City, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Nashville, Austin, Chicago, Santa Fe, Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle.

"I did a lot of research on the top growing cities across the United States and destinations people drive to and one of them is Nashville," Siebrecht said. 

"Anything that can help the guest experience, anything that can be creative and really help the traveler can be a great thing," Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association President & CEO Greg Adkins said.

Adkins liked the concept and is not surprised by the innovative idea. However, he believes majority of the concept is too unrealistic because of the cost and current infrastructure. 

"We're already having a hard time even funding our own roads in our own neighborhoods and that sort of thing," Adkins added.

Siebrecht was awarded $1,500 to help further his concept. He said it would take $10 million to build each hotel and cost someone $1,500 a day for unlimited travel.

Hyperloop hotels are only a concept and no concrete plans have been made.