Robbery suspect in custody after pursuit, crash on I-24 near Pleasant View

Posted at 1:10 PM, Apr 12, 2019

PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. (WTVF) — An armed robbery in broad daylight left employees at a Clarksville gas station shaken up, but, the danger continued when the suspect got away sending police on a chase down a busy highway.

Clerks at the Marathon gas station on Wilma Rudolph boulevard said It happened in a matter of seconds.

Clarksville police say 40-year- old Charles Mason walked into the Marathon gas station, acted as he was going to buy something and robbed teller; he then hopped back in his car and drove off.

Now, a witness that was inside the store followed behind the suspect and was able to provide police a description of the car and tag information.

Police did catch up with the suspect going eastbound down I-24 near Cheatham County. Officers tailed him for a while going normal speeds, but, for some reason officers say Mason got scared around exit 24 and made a quick break off the interstate where several law enforcement agencies were waiting for him.

Mason allegedly got back onto I-40 and a short chase started, the suspect then rear-ended a pickup truck near mile marker 27, lost control, flipped the vehicle onto its roof. Police were able to take him into custody without incident.

The clerk at the gas station said she didn't know what to do in that moment of terror.

"I was at work working and the [suspect was] last person in store and he decided to come up to the register saying the 'skittles are the only thing', he put the gun on the counter and took my whole entire drawer and just ran out of the store," said Lydia Andrews.

Andrews says she never experienced anything like this before.

"No, never in my life; when it happened I didn't know whether I should cry or run or; I just hollered for my manager right here and everything was alright, " Andrews said.

Mason was taken into to custody and charges are pending.