IBFF Kicks Off 2016 Summer Film Series

Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 20, 2016

The International Black Film Festival kicked off its 2016 Summer Film Series with rap lessons and a show at City Winery.

Children from around the city joined in the first event of the day Monday as they learned the art of rap, dance, hip hop and beatbox.

Later award winning Hip Hop group Arrested Development and HeaveN Beatbox put on a special show at City Winery.

Meanwhile IBFF was looking forward to a big anniversary in October with its 10th film festival.

“So this year we're expecting a huge turnout and a huge festival to represent the 10 years and celebrate independent filmmakers which includes filmmakers from all over the world, because we are truly an independent film festival that includes people from other countries, filmmakers from other countries,” said Hazel Joyner Smith.

The festival was set for October 5 through the 9.