Immigrants Unsure About Their Fate In America

Posted at 10:59 PM, Nov 09, 2016

If Donald Trump sticks with his pledges to boot out undocumented immigrants, millions of people are expected to be deported – that's why many are seeking legal help, to find out what they can do to stay.

Some people weren't just upset by the result of the election they were scared. During the campaign, Donald Trump promised an overhaul of our immigration policies and programs.

While immigrant groups admit there's a lot of uncertainty in their futures, there is also hope.

"We have to turn that fear into the determination to keep our families and continue to work hard and pursue the promise of the American Dream that many people came to Tennessee and Nashville to pursue," said Renata Soto.

"It's a time to create and foster better understanding towards all Americans, no matter what our backgrounds are," said Rashed Fakhruddin.

It's not just immigrants who are calling, business owners are concerned, too. 

However, Rep. Glen Casada doesn't believe this will hurt American business and said he believes once undocumented immigrants are deported, businesses will thrive.

"You can't have sovereignty when there is no boarder. Every country in the world manages their boarder why we don't, I don't know,” said Casada. “But I think the people have spoken loud and clear that we need to control our boarders.”

Though the fate of immigrants in this country is uncertain, the people have spoken.