Intruder Hides In Homeowner's Closet, Wears Relative's Clothes

Posted at 4:28 PM, Sep 29, 2018

A man has been charged with aggravated burglary after he was found hiding in a homeowner’s closet wearing clothes belonging to a visiting relative.

Officials said the residents returned to their home on 4th Avenue North before 6 p.m. Friday and smelled cigarette smoke.

They found Herbert Arwood in an upstairs closet. He was wearing clothes that belonged to visiting relatives of the residents.

Police said Arwood also had a debit card belonging to the family in his pants pocket.

The residents escorted him out of their home and waited for police, and he was taken into custody.

Officials said they spoke to a neighbor who told them Arwood had at first entered his home, but Arwood reportedly left when the neighbor called out to him.

According to police, Arwood stated the blame was all on the residents for leaving their doors unlocked. He reportedly threatened to go back there when he’s released. Further details were not available.