Investigation Reopened Into Clinton Emails

Posted at 10:37 PM, Oct 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton hit another road block in her campaign for the presidency when the FBI opened their investigation into another batch of e-mails.

A cryptic letter from the FBI Friday announced the investigation about new e-mails discovered on a laptop used by Clinton's aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband, former lawmaker Anthony Weiner.

The FBI said the e-mails were found during their investigation into Anthony Weiner's "sexting" scandal.

The Clinton campaign wants the agency to release their findings to the public. This latest setback could impact many undecided voters across the country.

"For those who are undecided, I think this will add a certain level of uncertainty about it. It may lead some of them to decide to vote for 3rd party. It may keep them further undecided until they hear more about this and sometimes, eventually, if this happens even without these things undecided voters become non voters,"

Donald Trump has made the outcome of the FBI's probe a focus of his campaign and the latest national poll shows Clinton maintains just a four-point edge over Trump.

Early voting in Tennessee ends on November 3rd.