Jason Autry, 3 Others Given Immunity In Bobo Murder Trial

Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 07, 2017

The state has granted immunity to Jason Autry, who is accused of killing and kidnapping nursing student Holly Bobo, a shocking development that legal analysts say means Autry likely knows something about her death.

According to court documents, Victor Dinsmore, Jason Autry, Michael Alexander, and Shayne Austin were all granted immunity agreements in the trial.

Shayne Austin, who was somehow connected to Holly's death, committed suicide a few years ago.

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Autry was already in prison when he was charged with his alleged role the murder. He's serving time for federal guns charges.

In multiple interviews with NewsChannel 5, Autry has always maintained his innocence.

News of the agreement came days after Zach Adams' trial was delayed Thursday until September after the state introduced new evidence in the case.

The agreement will protect Autry by keeping his testimony from being used against him. Autry could still be prosecuted for his alleged role in Holly's death, but not for anything he may testify about against Zach Adams.

The development begs the question, "What does Jason Autry know about Holly's death," and proves how crucial Autry's testimony will be for the state.