Jellystone Light Show Canceled For 2017

Posted at 3:32 PM, Sep 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-27 21:10:45-04

The Christmas light show at Jellystone Park may not happen this year due to traffic problems in the area.

The Dancing Lights of Christmas has been a well-known light show for the past seven years.

For neighbors in the Pennington Bend area of Nashville near Opry Mills, December is the worst time of year for traffic.

Homeowner, Richard Loller, said the road he lives on has traffic going non-stop in both directions filled with people who are trying to get to and from Jellystone Park.

"That place is very popular, you gotta give them that, but traffic horrendous," said Loller. "If we had an emergency on Pennington Bend, the ambulances wouldn't be able to get here."

Last year, 45,000 people saw the light show. City officials believe it's become too popular and too big of a burden on local traffic. So, they're planning to shut it down.

"What was required of them was a traffic plan just like any other event would have to put forward. Obviously we have looked into that, planning has looked into that as a zoning perspective," said District 15 Council Member Jeff Syracuse. "It's determined that they shouldn't operate there."

Park staff said they know traffic is a problem, but they want to work with the city to find a solution.

"It's about Christmas and family and the kids," said Janet Stowers, park manager. "Our light show is at night. I think everybody is aware the light show is at night. But you can come out during the day and see traffic backed up going to the freeway going to not the light show."

Park staff will meet with Metro Nashville Public Works tonight at 7 p.m. to discuss the issue.