Jill Cummins Reflects On Tad's Relationship With Teen

Posted at 7:24 PM, Apr 28, 2017

As Tad Cummins sits behind bars in Federal custody, his wife has spoken out about their relationship and his betrayal, but she's not the only one talking, so is his daughter.

"He was getting really close to her, like a father daughter close, a friendship close. I knew that and I discussed that with him," said Jill Cummins.

They were warning signs of what was to come, but Jill Cummins said she never thought that the close relationship between her husband and his student would end the way it did.  

"Never did I think that there was a romantic thing going on between the two of them, there were no signs of that," said Cummins.
Cummins went on to say in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, that she too knew the girl. In fact, she even went to church with them occasionally.
But Tad Cummins and the student were growing a little too close, and that's when she had to address the issue.
"Explained to him that's your student, we can't be so close to her that people around us," said Cummins.
Cummins said in a jail house phone conversation, her husband confessed to sleeping with his former 15-year-old student. Even though Cummins said she believes the teen was exploited. She still felt like she was stabbed in the back.
"I do feel slightly betrayed by her, because she knew me. She knew what we had, and what she was destroying," said Cummins.
Because Jill Cummins went public with the conversation between her and her husband, some legal analysts said she may have given up the right not to testify against her husband. 
As for their children, they're standing by their father.
"He needs to at least know that everybody's not against him," said Ashlee Cummins.
Ashlee Cummins said she hasn't discussed the situation with her father yet, but in time she will. And for Jill Cummins, that's a hard pill to swallow. But she said she feels support from her daughters too.
"I have to let them have a relationship with him, and I have to understand that. But they know he did wrong too, and they're standing by me 100%," said Cummins.
Jill Cummins has already filed for divorce. As for Tad, he's expected to be in federal court soon.