Joseph Daniels pens letter claiming Joe Clyde was killed by his mother

Police Report Details Joe Clyde Daniels' Death
Posted at 5:59 PM, Jul 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-16 20:21:42-04

DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. — The father of Joe Clyde Daniels, Joseph Daniels, confessed to killing the 5-year-old autistic boy, but he's now pointing the finger at someone else - his wife, Krystal Daniels.

It's one of a couple of new developments in the case. Joseph Daniels is currently charged with homicide in the death of his son -- mostly based on a confession that Joseph has since recanted.

Joe Clyde disappeared from his Dickson County home in April of 2018.

First, many will recall investigators found blood on the jacket, pants and shoes of Joseph Daniels.

His body has never been found; so that blood evidence on the clothing could be key to the case if it was his. But DNA testing has confirmed that blood is not from Joe Clyde. It is his Joseph's blood, allegedly, from a nose bleed.

The second big development in the case is that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is now in possession of a letter recently written by Joseph Daniels from his cell at Riverbend prison to his parents.

In it, he claims Krystal killed Joe Clyde by suffocating him with a pillow. The father claims he tried to intervene and she threatened him with knife and then disposed of the body.

If true, you might wonder why Joseph Daniels would confess. His lawyer says it was to protect his wife.

The two are scheduled to stand trial early next year.

This isn't the first letter Joseph has written about the case. In an earlier letter, he also said Krystal knows what really happened to their son.


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