Keith Urban Exhibit Opens At Country Music HOF

Posted at 10:35 PM, Dec 01, 2015

The new Keith Urban exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame opened Tuesday night.

It’s called “Keith Urban So Far,” and some facts about him may surprise some fans. For example, Urban was actually born in New Zealand before moving with his parents to Australia where he was raised.

One misconception the mega star wanted people to know about his success is that it didn't happen overnight.

“I think it's probably good for a lot of kids to know that sometimes it doesn't happen quickly and, uh, you just sort of keep going, I guess. All I ever knew was just to keep going,” said Urban. “It was remarkable that people kept believing in me, and that I was able to keep staying, keep persevering.”

No doubt about it, his hard work paid off. He's won multiple Grammy, CMA and ACM Awards.

The exhibit will be open through the end of May.