Kindergarten Charter Students Let Off Bus At Wrong Stops

Posted at 10:12 PM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-08 06:00:59-04

Two of Rocketship Elementary School's youngest students were dropped off at the wrong bus stops, and a parent has claimed it was not the first time the mixup has happened.

The school on Dickerson Pike is a charter that's home to about 480 students. However, on Monday afternoon, at least two kindergartners were left at the wrong stop.

According to one of their parents, Monday's incident was the second time in four days it has happened.

"That shouldn't happen, he's 5. He's in Kindergarten. He needs to be escorted everywhere if you ask me. 'How do you think the rest of the week is going to go?' He won't be here the rest of the week," Ania Weakley, a parent said. 

Weakley said she drove up to the school to pick up her son during dismissal and learned he had been put on a bus and dropped off at a Boys and Girls Club that was about ten miles from his house.

He was one of two students who were dropped off at the wrong locations.

The school's principal, Bianca Jones, admits a few fail safes that have been in place with the bus company for years did not happen that day.

Those fail safes include using a roster and making sure younger students do not get off the bus without a parent or guardian there. 

"We're working with them to make sure that the things that we know work happen again tomorrow and happen daily from here out," Jones said.