La. Mayor Faces Backlash For Memo Banning Nike

Posted at 12:50 PM, Sep 10, 2018

A Louisiana mayor is facing backlash for his response to Nike's Colin Kaepernick ad.

The company released an ad last week featuring the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who began kneeling during the national anthem in the 2016 season.

The same day the ad was unveiled, Kenner Mayor E. Ben Zahn III signed a memo banning all booster clubs from ordering Nike products at the city's recreational centers.


A city council member said he will "meet with the mayor and other council members in an effort to rescind" the directive.

"My fear is that for the people who live here to take this as something that is racial, something that is negative for the city,” councilman Gregory Carroll.

The mayor has not yet commented on the councilman's response.