Large Cat Sightings Continue In Monroe, Sumner Counties

Posted at 4:09 PM, Sep 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-12 19:20:30-04

A string of mountain lion sightings across this area have left some residents on edge and now another sighting of the incredibly large cat has been caught on a trail camera.

Eric Flitcroft owns about 70 acres of land on the edge of Macon and Sumner Counties. One of Eric’s friends uses some of the land to hunt and has a trail camera setup in the woods that is motion activated. 

Last week, Eric was looking through still images on the camera when in between images of deer and bobcats he spotted what wildlife official believe could be a mountain lion.

“What made me pretty sure that’s what it was, is the posture. The way it was standing there stalking something, it was more than just a wildcat or domesticated animal,” he says.

The lifelong Westmoreland resident also compared the imaged of the apparent mountain lion to an image of a large buck capture on the camera, both appear to be the same size.

“I’m going to be more careful going out at night or avoid going out at night if I don’t have to,” says Eric who has two young children.

Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency officials tell NewsChannel 5 it’s not uncommon for mountain lions to pass through middle Tennessee. Last year, there were multiple confirmed sighting of the same cat in parts of western middle Tennessee. What’s unclear to wildlife officials right now though is whether they’ve setup home here. Officials encourage anyone who captures pictures or video of mountain lion to send them in so they can track the animals more closely.