Las Vegas Massacre Reignites Security Discussions In Nashville

Posted at 8:48 PM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-02 21:48:48-04

Officials have once again started discussing safety and security measures in Nashville following the massacre at a Las Vegas country music festival.

Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp President Butch Spyridon said he has been in touch with other city officials including the mayor's office since the tragedy. 

"As tragedies happen around the world, we take a lesson from everyone of them. Over the last three years, we have added full time security," said Spyridon. "We would never say an event is completely safe, that would be a foolish statement so we're never done changing, tweaking and enhancing and unfortunately, we would never be done.

He added that he will sit down with Metro police to further discuss security on top of the safety protocols already in place at public and outdoor events in downtown. 

"Over the last three years we have added full time security. At the end of the day, when we have a 100,000 people we need a 100,000 pair of eyes. See something, say something needs to be bigger, broader and repeated maybe every five minutes," added Spyridon.

Staying vigilant was the biggest message from Spyridon and other officials including the president of the Tennessee Hospitality and Tourism Association.

Greg Adkins, the association's president and CEO, told NewsChannel 5 that he has been in touch with general managers of several hotels in downtown since the shooting.

Several said what made the attack in Las Vegas so disturbing was the vantage point of the shooter. Authorities said the suspect opened fired from his hotel room at Mandalay Bay on to hundreds of festival goers along the strip. 

"They are looking at their safety protocols. There will be a heightened level of security, in and out facilities especially big hotels, making sure things are looked at with a greater scrutiny," said Adkins. "A couple of things they're doing is monitoring security cameras much closer, locking appropriate doors that should be locked and making sure guests are safe."

In a statement, Chief Steve Anderson included, "In the coming weeks, I expect to speak with Sheriff Lombardo concerning the specifics of last night’s events.  We will incorporate any lessons learned into our training protocols at the MNPD Academy as we pledge to do everything humanly possible to keep our city safe.”

Spyridon added that Live Nation has also been reached out to by Metro police to enhance safety features.