Lawmakers Discuss Bill Putting Guns On Campus

Posted at 10:47 PM, Mar 21, 2016

Lawmakers cleared the way for guns to be allowed on private school campuses across the state with a controversial bill.

The decision to allow guns on campus would be up to each school. Guns have not been allowed on any school ground public or private.

However, on Monday, lawmakers paved the way for a possible major change.

The bill would allow private K-12 schools or private universities to set their own policies when it comes to who can carry a gun on school grounds.

They have not mandated that guns be permitted on all private school property they are just leaving it up to each school individually.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Senator Mike Bell. Democrats fought against it fiercely on the Senate floor Monday.

“We believe parents should have some say so and this does not give parents a say in something that could potentially be disruptive for schools where they send their kids,” said Senator Lee Harris.

This bill still hasn't made its way through the house, and it was unclear if the Governor would even sign it.