Lebanon Passes Ordinance To Sell Beer On Christmas Day

Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 21:05:12-05

Requests from local store owners and distributors have prompted the Lebanon city council to consider proposed changes to its beer sales. 

Their requests were heard when the council voted to pass the ordinance allowing beer to be sold on Christmas Day.

The existing municipal code stated that no permitee or his agent or employee shall sell or permit the selling of beer on Christmas Day. 

The council is met Tuesday night and voted to amend the existing code and allow stores in Lebanon to sell beer on the holiday.

Previously, only restaurants are allowed to sell beer which some store owners found unfair.

"They asked 'What's the difference between going to a market and buying beer on Christmas Day?'" said Lebanon City Attorney Andy Wright. "They actually said it would be safer, people can take home and drink it instead of drinking at the restaurant and leaving."

City of Lebanon Board Board Chairman Ed Stanford told NewsChannel 5 that he presented the conversation to the city. He said that approving the ordinance would not only help with revenue but overall fairness, especially when stores in nearby cities like Mt. Juliet are allowed to sell beer on Christmas Day.

"A lot of people like to drink on Christmas Day so I think it'll help the city. It'll be more money for the city of Lebanon," said Sebastian Steverson, a Lebanon resident.

The ordinance also changed the city's current definition of beer from an alcoholic content of 5 percent to state's new standard of 8 percent.

Liquor or wine are still prohibited from being sold on Sundays and on the holidays.