Lebanon Police Chief Terminated Again

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jan 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-19 17:56:44-05

The police chief in Lebanon has been let go from his position for a second time.

In November 2017, a judge ordered former Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bown be reinstated immediately. That move came three years after former Mayor Philip Whitehead fired Bowen.

"It's been a long, tedious, three years. A lot of tears shed. A lot of worries when someone comes in and takes your job for no legitimate reason. It hurts a lot," Bowen said in November. "Especially when you've done as much as I have for this community."

However, on Friday, officials with the City of Lebanon said Bowen had been placed on active payroll status after he was reinstated before being placed on administrative leave with pay. 

The City then consulted with attorneys and was advised that the previous disciplinary process was flawed, but “the ruling did not state that the reasons for his termination were not valid.”

A statement from the City went on to say, “A hearing was held on January 11 to review the incidents and policy violations that led to the original termination decision by former Mayor Philip Craighead.”

Current Mayor Bernie Ash reviewed the charges and the evidence submitted “regarding these serious policy violations, Tennessee State Law violation and violation of Federal EEOC regulations.”

The City stated:

“Following the review and consideration of the evidence, it is Mayor Ash’s determination that each charge is credible, the policy and law violations occurred and each violation warrants termination.
Therefore, the City has terminated Scott Bowen’s employment effective immediately. The City’s insurance company is pursuing an appeal of the Chancery Court ruling.  We have no further comments at this time.”