Lego becoming increasingly more violent with more sets now including weapons

Posted at 3:08 PM, May 24, 2016

They've been the building blocks of fun for generations. But a new study found Lego is becoming increasingly more violent.

The study from The University of Canterbury shows 30 percent of all Lego sets feature some kind of weapons.

Timbuk Toys owner Sallie Kashiwa said the move to feature more weapons is more a result of Lego's move to feature themes in its toy sets, like Star Wars. She says as long as the weapons are fantasy-driven she's fine keeping them on the shelves.

"You don't see street weapons in Lego. You see sabres or something like that. It all ties into some of these more fantasy themes."

In a statement discussing the company's 'conflict play,' Lego says the designs are meant to enrich play with scenarios where aggression might be used for overcoming imaginary evil. The company goes on to say it aims to develop conflict play scenarios where children can experience the benefits of cooperation.

Kashiwa said, "In terms of classic themes in books and things, you always have the hero. And if you have a great hero, you always have to have someone to fight against. And it is part of what children do in their imagination play."

Lego has seen its sales numbers grow eleven straight years. The company's total revenue for 2015 topped $5 billion, making the Danish toy company second only to Mattel.