Listen to your instinct, says local mother after tree falls through daughter's room

East Nashville family skirts tragedy following storm damages
Posted at 10:09 PM, Mar 25, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — Amy Smith said she and her husband trusted their gut.

“So we looked out the front door, saw the hail, we came back in and we could not see out the front window. So that was the moment we decided to go to the basement,” she said. “My husband brought the dog down and said ‘a tree just fell on our roof’. I mean, it happened that fast.”

It was a decision that may have saved the family from tragedy.

“We got a limb through my daughter’s room which is upstairs right now so it punctured the roof and it's raining a little bit in her room right now,” said Smith pointing to a tree resting on the corner of their East Nashville house.

Now as the cleanup begins, reality sets in.

“It was scary because she was up there cleaning it about three minutes beforehand. So we’re just thankful that she came downstairs,” she said, holding back tears.

Their home was also left without power but Smith said, despite the damage, it could’ve been worse. “The rest of our house is totally fine so if that’s the worst thing to happen we’re fine, we’re good.”

Smith encourages others to follow their instincts, like she and her family did, as storms like this one roll through.

“You know we originally were not in the basement because it was just supposed to be a thunderstorm and just, you know, there’s always that instinct that kicks in that’s like ‘this is not good.' Listen to it and seek shelter because you never know when a tree is going through your roof.”