Local Attorney's Identity Stolen, Used To Scam Women Online

Posted at 6:39 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 19:39:38-04

Brett Knight is a defense attorney based out of Cookeville. Like so many of us he shares personal stories when he logs on to social media.

However, a few days ago he learned his stories were no longer just his.

"He was very much following everything I was doing on a day to day basis," Knight explained. 

For the past several weeks, possibly months, someone was using Knight's pictures and information in an elaborate scheme to scam unknowing victims.

"Befriend people, usually female friends online, never having met them in person and through a course of a month or so will gain their trust," said Knight. 

Next, he says the scammer would create some sort of personal crisis and start asking these woman for money, hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars.

"I can tell you he's very thorough having looked through all the information," said Knight. 

Knight has collected hundreds of pages of emails and messages the scammer has sent some of the victims, scattered among the pages are his own family pictures.

However, Knight knows prosecuting identity thieves is a challenge, "it's very difficult. You have to wait for them to take it to the next step."

He hopes his story serves as a warning not to accept friend requests from people you don't know. Knight said he has has no intentions on shutting down his social media sites. He only found about about the situation through one of the victim's who took it upon herself to Google search his image.