Local Mom Invests In Bulletproof Backpack Inserts For Children

Posted at 10:47 PM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-23 18:27:26-05

Parents across the country terrified by Florida's deadly high school shooting are spending money on a unique safety solution -- backpacks that block bullets.

Nashville mom, Patricia Lekki said she wants the best protection for her kids so she invested in two bullet blocker inserts.

"Hopefully it'll never happen at my kids school but we don't know that and it's not worth gambling on their lives," she said.

The inserts protect against handgun and shotgun rounds but not rifles.

She says talking to her kids about the shootings let's them understand why they use the inserts for additional protection.

"What I see happening to other families and the other students it's absolutely heartbreaking that this can still be allowed to happen but that it's happening in schools. They're kids," she said.

There have been 18 school shootings including incidents where guns have accidently been discharged so far this year.

Lekki said she does not want her kids or any others to become another statistic.

The price for the bulletproof inserts range from $100 to $175 but Lekki said her kids can carry them through college or beyond and it's worth every penny if it helps save their lives.