Local Musicians Mourn The Loss Of David Bowie

Posted at 8:07 PM, Jan 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 23:44:12-05

The music community in Nashville mourned the loss of rock star David Bowie after hearing the news that he had lost his battle with cancer.

Bowie's illness was a secret; so the people who knew him are in shock because they couldn't say goodbye.

Lindsay Mckay said, “He was a chameleon; he could change and be diverse and was groundbreaking through four generations of music.”

Lindsay Mckay worked as a guitar tech on a tour with David Bowie. He now works at Carter Vintage Guitars when he is not on tour.

Mckay said, "A very genuine guy, a sweetheart, very considerate would always look at you and say hi.”

From guitar techs to guitarists, David Bowie made a point to make an impression on every one—especially his buddy Adrian Belew.

Adrian Belew said, “This is the guitar I used with David Bowie, the first tour I ever did in 1978 and 79'. It’s pretty beat up as you can see. It’s something I treasure a lot. I don’t even take this on tour anymore.”

Belew said Bowie made him a star.

Belew said, “Just a few years before he had played here and I was in the audience with 20 thousand people watching him play about a year later he put out the song heroes and I was driving in my Volkswagen thinking I love this song so much. Two years later I was on stage playing it with him.”

After hearing him play for Frank Zappa in Germany, Bowie stole him away.

Belew said, “There are some wonderful Youtube videos where you see me and David on stage and I’ll be playing guitar and he’ll just be standing there laughing at me because I think he was so proud of me on the first tour when I was kinda young."

Belew said he will never forget his first world tour with his friend.

"That went 108 shows around the world, 27 countries, we had a private jet and all  those things and so really every day of my life for that year I spent with David," He said. "And it was a life changing experience in every way and I even met my wife on that very tour.” 

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