14 Confirmed Dead In Sevier County Wildfires

Posted at 8:09 PM, Dec 04, 2016

Officials have confirmed the death toll from the Sevier County wildfires has risen to 14.

In addition, authorities said 134 were injured during the incident.

City leaders have also released the names of those who were killed. Some died from various events surrounding the wildfire while trying to evacuate, including medical conditions.

  • John, age 71, and Marilyn Tegler, age 70, of Canada
  • Jon and Janet Summers, both age 61, of Memphis
  • May Vance, age 75  
  • Alice Hagler, age 70
  • Bradley Phillips, age 59
  • Constance Reed, age 34, and her two daughters, Chloe, age 12, and Lily, age 9
  • Rev. Ed Taylor, age 85
  • Elaine Brown, age 81

According to WVLT, around 1,684 structures had been destroyed or damaged in the fires, and more than 17,108 acres had burned.

Those with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park said it's believed a human set the fire that spread quickly through the area.

Anyone with information on the fire or anyone who was on the Chimney Top trail on November 23 has been asked to call 1-888-653-0009.

To view an interactive map of the damage and size of the fire, click here.