14K Driver's Licenses Revoked In Clarksville

Posted at 11:46 AM, May 04, 2016

Montgomery County officials have been revoking the driver's licenses of thousands of people in the Clarksville area who have been accused of not paying court fines and fees dating back to 2012.

Montgomery County Circuit Court Clerk's Office Chief Deputy Patty Arms said 14,223 notices were sent out this week after the county notified the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security that those people failed to pay litigation taxes, court costs, or fines assessed by Montgomery County General Sessions Court, according to reports.

“We’re required by law to do this," Arms said. "People come in, and they take it kind of personal, it’s not. We’re doing our job just like bankers do their jobs and mayors do their jobs and police officers do their jobs.”

“I did not know it until I got the letter yesterday in the mail,” said Clinton Hunter, Jr., a resident. He added, "I’m paying this to keep from losing my driver’s license.”

Officials said a computer system change last year allowed the county's computers to connect to the state system, making it easier to track delinquent cases and get licenses revoked.

“A year after the case settles, if it’s not paid in full and you’re not on a payment plan, your license can be canceled,” Arms said.

Arms added people can set up a payment plan, but will have their licenses revoked again if they don't stick to it.