18 Animals Rescued In Lafayette

Posted at 4:07 PM, Jun 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-08 23:30:45-04

Authorities rescued 18 animals found living in extremely neglectful conditions in Lafayette.

The rescue was conducted Wednesday by those with the Animal Rescue Corps and Macon County Animal Control.

In total, five cats and 13 husky and husky-mix dogs were rescued after being found in pens, tethered to chains, and running loose in debris.

PHOTOS: 18 Animals Rescued In Lafayette

Officials confirmed the property owner surrendered the animals.

Part of the property was soaked with what officials believed to be sewage runoff from a septic system.

Authorities said the animals were extremely dirty and were covered in mud and feces.

Many animals were suffering from internal and external parasites.

“I’m glad the property owner saw fit to surrender all of the animals as he was clearly not in a position to properly care for them,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “With his cooperation we were able to remove 100 percent of the animals quickly and safely.”

Officials were notified of the issue by a call from Macon County Animal Control for assistance concerning the animals’ welfare.

“ARC is an incredible asset to a community like ours.” said Macon County Animal Control officer, Corey Lawrence. “This is the second time this year they’ve answered our call, and the animals couldn’t be in better hands.”

The animals rescued Wednesday were taken to the ARC emergency shelter in Lebanon.

The rescue was the third in one week for ARC.  It comes on the heels of the organization saving 48 dogs from a puppy mill in Gibson County, and 32 animals from a breeder in Morgan County.

Each animal will receive a full veterinary exam, necessary vaccinations and medical treatment.  Haisley said he believed all the animals rescued from Macon County would make a full recovery and be able to be adopted.

ARC will provide daily care for the animals until they can be placed with shelter and rescue organizations that will help place them in loving homes.  ARC will publish a list of shelter and rescue placement partners on its Facebook page once the dogs are transferred to the groups.