3 Arrested After Stealing Bags From Nashville Airport

Posted at 7:32 AM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 23:30:30-05

Police said they've busted a group of people for stealing bags from Nashville International Airport last week.

Airport police said the arrests involved three thieves -- a brother, sister, and her boyfriend -- taking part in thefts from BNA baggage areas and luggage carousels over the course of four days, including Thanksgiving.

Airport Police said last Monday, 19-year-old Mena Bushra and 19-year-old Abdirahaman Abdi stole three bags from near the United Air baggage office.

Then, over the next three days, police said 24-year-old Maryam Bushra stole a total of six bags from the Southwest and Delta baggage claim areas and carousels.

All three were arrested after police looked at surveillance video.

The airport said travelers should try to pack into a unique-looking bag or piece of luggage -- something that can be easily identified by detectives if it's stolen.

The airport said baggage claim thieves tend to avoid bags that stand out in the first place.

Airport officials also recommended getting to baggage claim as soon as possible after your flight, so your luggage spends as little time as possible on the carousel unattended.