$420.9M Powerball Jackpot Won In Lafayette

Posted at 2:48 PM, Nov 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-27 15:48:05-05

Those with the Tennessee Lottery confirmed someone who bought a Powerball ticket in Lafayette has hit it big!

It’s the sixth time a Tennessee Lottery player has won a Powerball jackpot, and this time it was worth $420.9 million.

The ticket was purchased in Macon County, but there was no word on where it was sold.

Officials said the ticket matched all six Powerball numbers drawn on Saturday, and it was also the 200th ticket sold by the Tennessee Lottery that has been worth $1 million or more.

Those with the Lottery have advised whoever’s holding the ticket to sign the back and keep it in a secure location. They also said to consult with a financial advisor and call the Lottery’s headquarters in Nashville before coming to claim the prize.

Reports stated the winner has 180 days from Saturday’s drawing to claim the prize.

The jackpot had been at $403 million, but soared to $420.9 million by Saturday’s drawing.

It was the second largest overall prize for the Tennessee Lottery, with the first being a $528.8 million Powerball prize won by a Munford family in January 2016. That family split a $1.58 billion world-record jackpot with winners in two other states.