9-Year-Old Accused In String Of Neighborhood Burglaries

Posted at 4:18 PM, Aug 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-10 19:16:10-04

This cat burglar climbs over fences, crawls through windows, and then steals everything from computers to cash and even Cheetos, toys, and candy.

Police have actually caught him, but the suspect has not been placed behind bars. Why? This prolific thief is only nine years old.

The young suspect lives in a Donelson neighborhood, and he's probably at elementary school during the day.

But he's also accused of burglarizing at least five homes in recent weeks, and his victims want to know when will it stop.

"This is how it latches and opens," said a woman showing the gate to her backyard fence. It's easy access to her backyard, and she said the 9-year-old thief slipped through the backdoor.

"It's not a kid stealing a skateboard out of a yard. He's actually coming in, attempting to come in homes, and coming in," said the victim, who asked that we not show her face.

She said the young burglar came to her home looking for electronics. "This is the laptop he took," she said.

She said he also took a single check from her purse.

"What kid knows to steal one check out of a checkbook hoping no one would notice," she asked.

She said the boy has been suspected in at least five local burglaries in recent weeks, and yes, he's been caught once by her.

Apparently after stealing the computer, she caught him when he came sneaking back to get the power cord.

"I immediately came in and called the police. They came and did retrieve the laptop from him, and he admitted to taking it," she said.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed they responded to at least two similar burglary calls in the neighborhood, but could not comment further because the suspect is a juvenile.

This victim doesn't want a 9-year-old locked up, but she has worried about his safety if he's breaking into homes.

"At some point he could get hurt. Somebody is going to shoot him," she said.

The victims said they think it's possible someone has been coaching him and putting him up to these crimes.