Clarksville Police Search For Bat-Wielding Robber

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 21:02:43-04

The end of a long day got even longer for one Marco's Pizza employee in Clarksville. That was because a robber walked in armed with a wooden bat.

According to officials with the Clarksville Police Department, it was right around 11:47 p.m. Saturday, closing time at Marco's Pizza in the 1700 Block of Tiny Town Road in Clarksville, when this man came inside wielding a wooden bat.

The man walked in wearing all black, including a ski mask, black ski goggles, and gloves. Police said the robber threatened to smash the manager's skull in if he did not follow his instructions. The man then threw a zebra print bag at the manager, and the employee loaded cash into the bag.

After snagging the money, he instructed the manager to walk into the freezer and slid a table in front of the door.

Police said they're seeing more robberies happening around closing time, and businesses can be more proactive to prevent their employee from being the next robbery victim.

"The thing that they need to realize is, when you start taking money out and start counting money, you might want to lock that door and make somebody have to open that door to let you in," said Jim Knoll, Clarksville Police Department Public Information Officer.

The man was in and out in about two minutes, and they're hoping someone recognizes the man in the surveillance vide.

Anyone with information that can help has been urged to call police in Clarksville at 931-645-8477.