Convicted Felon Arrested With Drugs, Loaded Gun

Posted at 3:35 PM, Oct 29, 2016

Police said a convicted felon was arrested after she pulled into the entrance of a school with drugs and a loaded gun.

Police said Keviana Perry was driving down Ellington Parkway, and when an officer tried to pull her over for speeding, she sped up even more.

The officer said he saw Perry's passenger push a black bag down into the  floorboard while the officer continued to follow them.

Eventually Perry pulled into the entrance of Jere Baxter Elementary School.

The officer found out she had a revoked license and requested a K9.

When police opened the bag, they found what they believed to be marijuana and other drugs,
plus a loaded gun and ammunition.

Perry was already a convicted felon. She bonded out of jail early Saturday morning and has been facing eight separate charges for this incident.