Couple Accused In Killings Pleads Not Guilty

Posted at 7:10 AM, May 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-04 16:05:28-04

The couple accused of brutally killing two people in an east Nashville apartment entered a plea of not guilty.

Whitney Gray and her boyfriend, Brandon Griswold, were in court again at 9 a.m. Wednesday to be arraigned. 

Both Gray and Griswold entered a plea of not guilty.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said the victims, Preston Claybrooks and Alexandra Grubbs, died of blunt force trauma to the face back in September. 

Gray and Griswold were jailed in connection to the couples' murders.

Police said they admitted to brutally killing Claybrooks and Grubbs due to a $650 heroine debt.

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Their bodies were found at a Greenwood Avenue apartment in east Nashville, where all four lived together. 

Claybrooks' mother reported the couple missing but she visited the apartment three days later and called police after smelling the odor of decomposition. 

Investigators believed the couple may have been dead for almost a week before finding them wrapped in bed sheets inside a closet.

Police said evidence showed the couple was beaten to death. The suspects allegedly used a hammer and a mic stand to beat the victims to death in their bed. 

Both have been charged with first degree murder, felony murder, theft and abuse of a corpse. Griswold faced an additional charge of tampering with evidence.  

The case has been set for discussion on June 2.