Coyotes Move Into South Nashville

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jul 28, 2016

Coyotes have moved into South Nashville neighborhoods, and one homeowner wants to take action.

Coyotes are not a native species to Tennessee. However, they are an invasive species, and over the years, they've migrated eastward as their habitat has changed while trapping and hunting seasons for coyotes are allowed year round, some residents in city limits are finding themselves in a catch 22.

Homeowner, Gary Dowdy, recently lost several family pets to coyotes in their south Nashville neighborhood, the most recent one being last week.

They've gone to their homeowner's association for help, but were told there are no funds to hire a licensed trapper. They also technically live within city limits so they're not allowed to discharge a firearm.

Meanwhile, they're concerned about the other pets in their home and want the TWRA to do something. However, the agency said it doesn't have enough man power to trap wildlife, instead they work with contracted trappers to do the work for them.

However, officials said there are things homeowners can do to help keep their pets safe. 

"Don't leave pet food out, if you've got small animals keep them in a pin or keep an eye on them because that is something that will draw coyotes in," said Barry Cross.

Other than those living in downtown Nashville, the likelihood of living next to predators like coyotes are high.