Election Commission Chairman Replaced

Posted at 10:07 AM, Feb 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-02 13:07:49-05

Commissioner AJ Starling has been appointed to replace Ronald Buchanan as Davidson County Election Chairman, after Buchanan's resignation.

Buchanan resigned after a recent interview with a Nashville news outlet.  

An official with the Election Commission said they were notified of his intentions by Speaker Beth Harwell’s Office Monday morning. However, the commission has not yet received his official resignation.

Buchanan spoke with NewsChannel 5 reporter Jennifer Reyes and explained the circumstances surrounding his decision.

 VIDEO: Former Election Commission Chairman Buchanan discuses allegations surrounding questionable spending and incident with reporter.

In an interview with a Nashville reporter, Buchanan said he was asked questions regarding certain expenses made by the Election Commission.

However, Buchanan said he believes it was a “ploy to discredit the Election Commission.”

Following the interview, he admitted to calling the reporter a “b----.”

“I meant it when I said it, it best described my feelings towards her at that time,” Buchanan said. “Since then, I have not changed my opinion. 

Buchanan went on to say he’s stepping down because he feels – in light of the incident – he’d be “ineffective to lead in budget hearings.” 

Two credit cards held by election commissioners were canceled following the questions of misuse.

Starling was appointed as chairman during a special called meeting Monday night after Buchanan's resignation.

An audit will be done by the metro finance Department into spending following the receipts in question.