Dog's Leg Amputated After Being Shot

Posted at 1:13 PM, Dec 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-16 19:34:40-05

Warning: Images in this story may be too graphic for some readers.   

SANTA FE, Tenn.  A senseless crime in Maury County has left the owners of a golden retriever on edge after someone shot their beloved dog twice earlier this week.

Rooster, who is two-years-old, slipped his leash while outside on Monday afternoon. Rooster's owner, Austin Dugger, found him lying at the end of his driveway in Santa Fe with a gunshot wound to his left front paw.

"I was angry," Dugger said in an interview on Friday. 

When Dugger arrived to emergency vet clinic in Columbia, he realized that Rooster had also been shot a second time in the chest - doctors would later discover that bullet missed Rooster's vital organs by just inches. 

Rooster's injury to his paw was so severe that doctors were forced to amputate his left front leg, pieces of the bullet that entered his chest are also still there.

The Maury County Sheriff's Office is investigating the incident but Austin knows finding whoever shot his dog will be difficult.

"I believe in karma and whoever did this will get theirs," he said. 

Anyone with information was asked to call the Maury County Sheriff at 931-380-5733. 

The family has also setup a GoFundMe to help with Rooster's medical bills.