A-Game Sportsplex Closes Unexpectedly

Posted at 7:04 AM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 00:03:01-05

A popular sportsplex in Franklin has unexpectedly closed, leaving employees and parents, along with their children, asking questions.

Tenants at A-Game Sportsplex were warned that the facility could close in March; however, when employees showed up Thursday morning, Franklin Police officers had the entrance blocked.

Dozens of parents, children and coaches were seen waiting beyond barricades, where they were initially denied entrance to the building.

Both employee and student equipment was reportedly still locked inside the facility. Employees told NewsChannel 5 they did not receive any warning. 

The owner reportedly wanted to sell the property, claiming it did not make sufficient profits.

In a press release from the Sports Land Group LLC, officials said the facility has never generated profits. It said the facility averaged a monthly shortfall of $72,000 each month, and the members could not continue to fund the shortfall.

When an Ohio-based company made him an offer, he broke the news to its tenants, which included Southern Elite Preparatory School.

The main activities support by the sportsplex were hockey, ice skating and soccer.

“This is our life after school. The kids are passionate about their activities and we try to support that,” said one parent waiting outside the complex.

Police eventually began letting them in one by one.

The tenants had also reportedly filed a restraining order against the owner in an effort to prevent sudden closure of the property. However, a judge lifted that order.