Escape Plot Foiled By Rutherford County Deputies

Posted at 4:02 PM, Mar 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-06 17:02:52-05

An attempted escape plot by two inmates has been foiled by deputies at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center.

Sheriff Robert Arnold said the incident happened early Sunday morning involving 31-year-old Charles Saylor and 41-year-old Larry Bennett, Jr.

“Two inmates had attempted to escape by prying out the window of the cell by using improvised, makeshift tools,” Sheriff Arnold said. “Deputies did a good job of catching them before they escaped.”

Charges were pending against both Saylor and Bennett, and officials confirmed they were moved out of the cell to be placed in segregated cells.

“We are re-evaluating all of our procedures because we have a new jail administrator,” Sheriff Arnold said. “We are reviewing our policies and procedures and security procedures to see if there are any deficiencies and will correct those as soon as possible.”

Saylor had been charged with four counts each of burglary and theft on February 15. He has been scheduled to be in General Sessions Court Tuesday.

Authorities said Bennett had violated parole on a vehicular homicide conviction and was also charged with evading arrest, driving on a revoked license, and simple possession of drugs January 12. He has been awaiting transfer to the Tennessee Department of Correction.
According to deputies, they were notified and found makeshift tools and a broken window in the D pod on the second floor.

Authorities said the window cannot be seen from the outside because it is blocked by the annex housing women inmates.

Officials confirmed deputies conduct cell inspections at least once a week.\