Fair Releases Statement After Animal Abuse Claim

Posted at 9:07 PM, Aug 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-20 15:16:05-04

A video circulating online had many claiming animal abuse at the Wilson County Fair.

Many who watched the video on Saturday said they felt like the camel in the video was being abused.

The people there at the time who witnessed the event said they were shocked; however, those with the fair said no signs of animal abuse have been found or seen at the fair.

Randall Clemons, the president of the Wilson County Fair, released the following statement Saturday evening.

“Camel Ride attraction at the Wilson County Fair has been viewed by veterinarian and several animal science majors, and they see no sign of neglect or abuse. We have made several inspections and plan to continue to monitor to insure there is no problem. We host thousands of animals during our nine days each year, and their health and well being is a strong priority of our fair.”

Later on Saturday night, Clemons released a further statement saying they ended the camel ride attraction:

"The camel attraction at the Wilson County Fair is an independent, licensed vendor. While we don't feel the video being circulated tells the full story (the fair only had been open for a few hours for its first evening), we have decided to dismiss this vendor, and the camel will have the rest of the week off.

The foundation and pride of the Wilson County Fair is built on loving and admiring animals and their wonderful abilities."