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Game Stop Robbery Suspect Tracked In Taxi, Arrested

Posted at 3:26 PM, Sep 03, 2017

A Goodlettsville game store was robbed with customers inside, and officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said they caught the robber.

Police said they tracked the robber using tracking devices on the money and his getaway car.

Reports stated Laderous Hudson allegedly robbed the Game Stop at Rivergate Mall Saturday afternoon.

Hudson reportedly ordered all the customers to the back of the store while demanding cash from both registers.

The clerk said Hudson acted like he had a gun and added she feared for her life.

Hudson allegedly stole several hundred dollars and then left in a taxi cab, and that's what helped police. Little did this suspect know the money he stole had a tracking device and so did his getaway ride.

Detectives found him on Jones Park Court just moments after the cab dropped him off.

Police found $903 stuffed in an air vent of the home where he was discovered.

Hudson was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery.