Gofundme Launched For Family Of 12-Year-Old Murder Victim

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Police have still been searching for whoever murdered twelve-year-old Yhoana Arteaga inside her Goodlettsville home.

Meanwhile, those who know the Arteaga family have been hoping to help in any way they can.

"We have some firsthand experience with what they're going through," said Mike Wales, who has worked with Yhoana's father for six years. "Until you have gone through that experience, you really can’t grasp the magnitude. There is daily life that has to continue."

Wales and his wife Gail unexpectedly lost their own daughter in 2016. They said once they heard about Yhoana's death, they knew the Arteaga family would need help with expenses.

"They are hardworking, blue collar people, and we are hoping to give them some breathing room to help their other children through this experience," Mike said.

Wales said Yhoana's father has worked as a painting subcontractor on building projects across Nashville. Her mother has worked at a dry cleaning service, according to police.

"These are people who are blue collar workers, and if they’re not working, they’re not getting paid," Mike said. 

Mike has hoped to raise $10,000 for the Arteaga family via a Gofundme campaign. If you'd like to help, follow this link.

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