Heavy Rain Turns Front Yards Into Ponds

Posted at 10:12 PM, Apr 23, 2017

Severe weather over the weekend caused problems for several residents whose properties were flooded.

As of Sunday afternoon, front yards in Lewisburg still had two to three feet of water left by the heavy rain. Luckily the water did not reach any structures or cause damage. 

Two trailer homes on Old Farmington Road were surrounded by standing water and even blocked the stairs to the front doors.

"It is crazy how some of these places had their front yards really flooded. I just can't believe there's that much water in there," Christine Hery said. 

Hery spent part of her day driving around with her husband and four sons looking at some of the flooding. One of the most severe cases could be seen at Wayne Harris' property on Wallace Thompson Road.

"I keep telling my wife we need to get a raft and float it around and take pictures," Harris jokingly told NewsChannel 5. 

Harris said flooding has become a common issue for him since moving in 22 years ago. It was such a problem that he moved his home farther back and elevated his driveway to avoid potential damage.

"Unfortunately I don't care for it, but I'm not surprised by it. In about three to four days, it should be all gone once it quits raining," Harris said. 

Roads in Lewisburg had finally become passable, according to the Lewisburg Police Department.

There was one road closure in Chapel Hill, Marshall County, but it was not considered major. More than five inches of rain were believed to have fallen in the area.