Holiday Travel May Be Slowed Amid National Alert

Posted at 9:18 PM, Nov 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-24 22:18:58-05

Nashville International Airport will experience two of it's busiest days of the year this week as we head into the holiday travel season.

"Tuesday and Wednesday are always two of our busiest days, and then Sunday and Monday will also be busy days," according to Shannon Sumrall with Nashville International.

More than 45,000 passengers are expected to arrive and depart at the airport each of those days.

"2015 Thanksgiving week is going to be much higher than 2014. It will be a record for us this years," Sumrall said.

The busy holiday rush comes after the United States government issued a worldwide travel alert in the wake of the Paris attacks. Americans are asked to be vigilant when in public places, and while traveling. The alert is in place until February 24.

The alert did not seem to concern many travelers in Nashville. While they were aware of the heightened amount of security, they do not plan on letting it stop them.

"It is, what it is, that's the world we live in now.  I mean, you can't hide and worry about what's going to happen next. I believe in God, put it in his hands and keep moving," said Gerald Gay, who was traveling to Philadelphia Tuesday afternoon.

Yasin Fadme spent the last several months as an exchange student in Nashville. She had a flight back home to Pakistan. She decided to continue on with her travel plans, despite the threat overseas.

"Somehow I am. I hope God helps me, God is everywhere," Fadme said.

Meharry Medical College student Alnesha Banks said she has to fly, it is her only way to get home.

"I'm not too concerned right now, I'm set. I have to get home, and I can't drive ten hours," Banks explained.

Airport officials urge passengers to check their flight status before leaving home.  You can also check the wait times for security checkpoints on the airport's website, to help better plan your trip.

Just as many people are arriving in Nashville, as departing. If you are picking someone up at the airport plan for traffic and crowded parking areas. The airport has a cell phone waiting area where drivers can wait on passengers without taking up parking space at the terminal.