Jury Selected In Retrial Of Cory Batey

Posted at 7:58 AM, Mar 31, 2016

A jury has been selected in the retrial of Cory Batey, a former Vanderbilt Football star once convicted of rape.

Jury selection continued for a second day in Chattanooga on Thursday, as attorneys worked to seat 12 jurors and two alternates. Ultimately, 10 men and 4 women were selected. 

PHOTOS: Jury Selection In Vanderbilt Rape Retrial

Since the process began on Wednesday, 92 jurors had been dismissed. Court officials in Hamilton County summoned 160 potential jurors to be vetted for the retrial set to begin in Nashville on Monday.

On Thursday, at least one juror was dismissed after telling the court she wouldn't be able to view video of Cory Batey allegedly raping a female student and remain impartial.

The initial guilty verdict against Batey and another former football player, Brandon Vandenburg, were thrown out after it was discovered a juror lied about being a victim of rape during jury selection in the first trial.

Not wanting to risk another mistrial, lawyers continued on Thursday to ask each potential juror who was called if they had ever been the victim of sexual assault

NewsChannel 5 has also learned that Vandenburg may be subpoenaed to testify next week now that his case has been severed from Batey's.

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