Local Church Finds New Home

Posted at 6:09 PM, Apr 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-16 19:51:24-04

A local church that has worried about being forced from their building has found new hope and a new place to call home with the help of local realtors and developers.

Leroy Hatchett founded the Zion House of Prayer in 2001. Since then, as the city of Nashville's population has continued to grow, so too has the congregation's size. In recent months, developers bought the lots next to the church on Benton Avenue and began building houses.

Hatchett said he knew it was time to go.

"As people began to move in and build around us, we thought we were going to be lost in the midst of the building," he said.

With the help of realtors, Hatchett and his church were able to find another church for sale in East Nashville. They'll be moving into their new home over the next few weeks, and when they hold their first service in May, it will be inside a building which they owe nothing on thanks to the help of developers.