Man Arrested, Attempted To Stab Officer

Posted at 11:43 AM, Mar 10, 2016

A man was facing multiple charges for attempting to stab an officer after a short pursuit in Nolensville.

Authorities with the Nolensville Police Department responded to a welfare check in the 7200 block of Nolensville Road for a man with known mental health concerns. He was identified as 48-year-old Robert Goins.

Officers said they made contact with Goins who fled the scene, driving erratically and endangering the public.

Police followed Goins in a short pursuit that ended in the 2600 block of Sanford Road.

Goins then allegedly left his vehicle and approached Officer David Hazlett’s car, trapping the officer inside.

"The cops were on the loud speaker telling the dude, the guy, to put down the knife, and the guy started hollering," said Cody Griffin, a witness.

Authorities said Goins attempted to stab Officer Hazlett multiple times, which was when the officer accelerated to get away from Goins.

"The police could've dropped him but they didn't," Griffin said.

Goins was approached by other officers. He put his knife down, but still resisted arrest. Authorities confirmed Goins was taken into custody.

"Training was critical and crucial in leading to a successful ending of the situation today," said Nolensville Police Chief Troy Huffines. 

Goins suffered from the effects of pepper spray, while Officer Hazlett had a minor wound. Both were checked by medical staff and released.

Authorities confirmed Goins was facing multiple serious charges.