Man Survives Knife, Hammer Attack By Brother-In-Law

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jul 20, 2016

An Antioch man survived a brutal attack his brother-in-law allegedly committed in his home last week. 

Jesus Alvarez, age 43, was released from Vanderbilt University Medical Center after he suffered serious injuries to the head. 

Officials with Metro Nashville Police Department said the victim's brother-in-law, Olvin Zuniga-Flores, struck him in the head with a sledgehammer and slashed him several times with a knife.

It happened at Alvarez's home in the 3000 block of Chelsea Way before 7:30 last Wednesday morning.

Zuniga-Flores fled the scene and remained on the run. 

Alvarez spoke exclusively to NewsChannel 5 days after he was released. He does not know the exact reason behind the attack, but he believed it was motivated out of jealousy and drug use. 

Alvarez had multiple staples across his head and stitches all over his body. 

"I cannot sleep because of all the staples in my head," Alvarez said. 

He owns a construction company and hired Zuniga-Flores and let him stay at his house for the last 15 months. 

Alvarez was getting ready for work when Zuniga-Flores struck him with the sledgehammer they used for demolishing. 

"There were a lot of blood when I woke up," Alvarez recalled. "The next thing I remembered, I was in a different room." 

Alvarez said Zuniga-Flores stabbed him in his room and dragged out this 10-year-old daughter from her room to watch.

"He pulled her hair so hard it ripped out," Alvarez said. "He told her to watch how he killed me."

The little girl escaped to her neighbors for help while Alvarez stumbled onto the street to stop a car. He feared Zuniga-Flores would kill his daugher and wife.

"He told me after you, I'll continue to your daughter and wife," Alvarez added. "He had planned this."

The family allowed NewsChannel 5 to enter the home as they moved out over the weekend. Blood could be seen splattered on the kitchen floor, living room floor, and bedroom walls. 

The front door was still smeared with blood. 

Family and friends also found drug paraphernalia, ropes looped to tie hands, and a rendering of the house in the suspect's room. 

The attack took everyone by surprise since they identified Zuniga-Flores to be a quiet but nice man. 

He fled in Alvarez' 2000's model white Chevrolet pickup truck with a camper style toolbox. 

Anyone with information on Olvin Antonio Zunga-Flores' whereabouts has been asked to immediately call 615-742-7463.