Mayor Shows Residents Different Ways To Travel

Posted at 6:04 PM, Aug 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-27 19:26:56-04
On a hot and humid day, people were taking to the streets and leaving their cars behind.

Mayor Megan Barry has been trying to get people out of their vehicles and on to the bus or even on foot with the Nashville Transit Triathlon.

"I go out and talk to folks all the time, and I ask who's ever taken the bus, and nobody raises their hand," said Mayor Megan Barry.

That's what Mayor Barry has been attempting to change, and Saturday included a bike ride.

"You can actually get around Nashville in lots of different modes. You can walk, take the bus, or walk, and we all need to use those transit options," said Mayor Barry.

But along with all the fun Saturday, the most important aspect of the day was to get the community's feedback on the new $6 billion Metro Transit Plan called "nMotion," along with four light rails, two commuter rails, and 150 miles of express bus-on-shoulder.

"Oh my gosh, traffic has become worse in the last few years. I love being outdoors, but to be honest, I don't ride my bicycle because drivers don't respect the bike lanes like they should yet," said Stacy Irvin, Nashville resident.

Over the next 25 years MTA and RTA board members of the proposed plan hope to transform the region into a city moving in motion.