Report: M'Boro Officers Who Handcuffed Kids Violated Policy

Posted at 6:49 AM, Dec 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-20 23:12:58-05

The Murfreesboro Police officers who handcuffed a couple of elementary school children violated the department's policy, according to a report. 

Back in April, the officers arrested and cuffed a couple of students at Hobgood Elementary School - this was in connection with a neighborhood bullying incident caught on camera.

A report was released Tuesday morning and said the officers involved in the incident violated department policy.

At least six officers could face disciplinary action for their conduct. 

The fact that the kids were taken from school in this manner sparked outrage among some parents and civic leaders. 

Chief Karl Durr asked Metro Internal Affairs in Nashville to assist with the investigation.

“The MPD listened to concerns from the Murfreesboro community at numerous meetings and promised a
thorough investigation,” said Durr. “Now we move to the next step, which is recommending corrective
action. This will be done based on individual findings for those employees involved.” 

The report is more than 800 pages and outlines corrective actions, including improving communications and changing the way youngsters are handled in such situations.

Policy changes will now "provide options for officers to informally handle juvenile offenders by interacting with parents or custodians to act in the best interest of the juvenile and the situation."