Memorial, Fundraiser Held For School Bus Crash Victims

Posted at 9:59 PM, Dec 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 00:08:47-05

A Clarksville pastor and his congregation continued to pray for those killed in the Chattanooga school bus crash, and they’ve also been finding other ways to help out.

An emotional memorial service was held Sunday. Members of St. John Missionary Baptist Church prayed, sang, and held a moment of silence for the six students killed and the victims who were affected.

During the service, six children read the names of each student who died, and six candles were lit.

Pastor Alvin Miller said he was saddened and heartbroken when he heard the news.

He said he's personally affected by the situation because he used to oversee a transportation school bus company in Florida.

He said in addition to collecting money, the congregation will continue to pray.

"A lot of people can't give money, but all of us can pray,” Miller said. “And so my thing is this, that we will continue to pray for the families because prayer can do things money can't do. Prayer can go places money can't go. Prayer can do so much that we just can't do as individuals."

The church raised more than $2,500 dollars. The pastor has planned to deliver the money to Woodmore Elementary in Chattanooga later in December.

The pastor added the church has also planned to hold a fundraiser for the Sevier County wildfire victims.