Metro Council Approves Capital Spending Plan

Posted at 6:51 AM, Jun 21, 2016

Metropolitan Council members approved a capital spending plan that includes funding for the downtown jail project.

This came as Metro Councilman Bob Mendes finally threw his support behind the plan.

Mendes was originally opposed to fully-funding the project.

However, it appeared he changed his mind, and voted to fund the downtown jail project.

Metro's downtown jail facility is in need of a more than $100 million renovation.

Mendes was threatening to block an extra $40 million in funding over concerns about the project's design.

In a blog post Monday night, Mendes said Sheriff Daron Hall and Mayor Megan Barry have now addressed those concerns.

If passed, inmates would be moved to a Harding Place facility and demolition of the Criminal Justice Center could begin as early as this summer, with a new jail opening in 2019.